Monday Mar 18, 2024

EMS Exposed: Unveiling the Challenges Through First Responder Images | Critical Conversations Ep. 17

In this episode of Critical Conversations, we dive into the world of first responder photography with Derek Hanley, a medic turned photographer capturing the realities of frontline work.

Join us as we explore the motivation behind first responder photography, the stories captured through the lens, and the healing power of visual therapy for EMS professionals.

Behind the Lens: Discover the motivation driving first responder photographers like Derek Hanley and how photography serves as a creative outlet to process the challenging experiences encountered on the job.

Through the Lens: Explore the poignant stories captured by first responder photographers, shedding light on the courage and dedication of EMS providers and the emotional toll of their work.

Visual Therapy: Learn how photography serves as a form of visual therapy, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression among EMS professionals and offering hope amidst adversity.

Honorable but Broken: Gain insights from "EMS In Crisis" on the systemic challenges facing emergency medical services and the urgent need for reforms to support the mental health and well-being of first responders.

Photography as Advocacy: Discover how first responder photographers amplify voices and advocate for change through exhibitions, social media campaigns, and documentary projects, driving positive policy changes and improvements in organizational culture.

Lessons Learned: Hear reflections from behind the camera as first responder photographers share insights and lessons learned, contributing to a broader dialogue on mental health and wellness in the first responder community.

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